( P-2 )TWO Lukat Fix It Color & Gloss Restorer Polishers




If you’re looking for auto paint or a clear coat cleaning polish that’ll deep clean a seriously old oxidized paint job or a seriously hazy clear coat then this is it!. Lukat Fix It Cleaning Polish is made for polishing and cleaning those tough jobs by hand or machine. The Lukat Fix It Cleaning Polish is made for Polishing and Cleaning old original paint jobs back to a smooth and glossy state. This product is not a wax and will not put a shine on any paint jobs because there is no shine in this product. It works because it’ll remove by polish cleaning removing embedded contaminants on your aging paint jobs. Once your paint job is cleaned and polished the remaining shine and gloss will come through loud and clear. LUKAT FIX IT also polishes and cleans dirty dust-streaked windows driver and passenger sides windows and cleans and clears up dirty hazy plastic headlight lens by polishing and cleaning by hand or machine.
These Two bottles normally sell for $59.98 plus shipping.
But order now and get these two same bottles for only $49.99 with FREE shipping in the USA.
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join us in our fight against ugly paint job pollution!

Additional information

Weight 34.4 oz
Dimensions 10 × 7 × 4.75 in


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