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Lukat Fix-It color and gloss restorer kit best auto paint restoration polisher and sealer brings back impossible paint jobs to like new by hand or machine.

Lukat Fix It old paint Cleaning Polish is not a Wax! But a liquid deep cleaner made for polish cleaning old oxidized paint jobs removing oxidized patinas bringing back the remaining color and shine.

Lukat Detail Products, we got a unique line of detail products for DIY (Do It Yourself) detailing. Now you can restore the color and shine on your aging car paint, clear coat, boat, carbon fiber, fiberglass, oxidized base coat, etc. You don’t need any experience you can use our products by hand or machine. Most old paint restorations or ugly neglected paint corrections are easily done by hand or machine in sections over a period of time or all in one shot. All you need is the knowledge and how-to and the right products and for that check out our YouTube Channel Lukat Fix It. We believe in you YOU CAN DO IT!

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