( EZ-2 ) Two 16 oz Lukat EZ Wax Conditioning Sealer Wax


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Lukat Ez Sealer Wax More than just your common wax. This product is made for three general purposes.

  • First, you can use this to simply shine up your paint job just like a regular wax. In the shade or in the sun.
  • Second, this is a very durable and high-temp sealer product. It works really well to seal and protect your finish. This is why we use it as a second step to seal the finish after using the Lukat Fix It paint cleaning polisher.
  • Third, This can be used for light-duty polishing removing light imperfections, swirl reducing, and prepping for a high-gloss wax.

Using this product will improve the overall look of your paint job.

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Weight 34.4 oz
Dimensions 10 × 7 × 4.75 in


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