Is there anything made for bringing back very old paint jobs? I don’t mean dirty paint jobs or slightly faded paint jobs, I’m talking about seriously old paint jobs, that are in a deteriorating state but still intact. Take a look at these Paint jobs, the first is 70 plus years old! The second is over 40 plus years old! The third is near 20 plus years old! These are not modern day clear coats. They’re all old red enamel base coats with an oxidized chalky patina.

The best way to bring back the remaining shine on these old paint jobs is to polish and clean them. But what to use, right? Well, we make that simple, with our Lukat Fix It Cleaning Polish, made for jobs just like this. Remember, an old paint job that doesn’t shine anymore is tarnished with an upper superficial layer of contaminated, toasted, brittle paint ( Oxidized Paint ). But in most cases not all of it will be toasted and brittle, just the upper layer. Lukat Fix It, is made for gently polishing off the paint that is already in an oxidized state ( toasted and brittle ). It’s ready to come off with the right product for polishing and cleaning.

Look at how much of the original color and gloss can be brought back by simply polishing and cleaning the paint job. In most cases because this is the original state of the paint job, it’ll remain like this for years! When you use a wax polish combo product all your doing is light cleaning, then masking the problem. Lukat Fix It, has no wax or shine in it because it’s made for removing old paint in an oxidized state ( brittle and toasted ). It’s a one hundred percent dedicated paint cleaning polish. It won’t put a shine on any paint job because it’s not a wax. But it will bring back what’s left of the original shine to like new. After you’ve polished and cleaned the paint job back to like new, you’ll want to use a sealer type wax for maximum protection, and that’s what our Lukat EZ sealer wax will do.