Old Clear Coat Problems? Try This! Lukat Fix It Old Clear Coat Cleaning Polish

Is there anything that’ll bring back old paint jobs?

You’d be surprised by what can happen when you clean an old paint job. I’m not talking about washing it down with soap and water. I mean deep cleaning. If you’ve been watching our YouTube Channel called “Lukat fix it”. Then you see us constantly driving the message. That an old paint job! I mean a severely oxidized patina covered or rust pitted dead paint job be it an old single stage oxidized base coat from the 1940s and up to the late 1980s or an old hazy clear coat from the 1990s and up, even an eroding or peeling clear coat. Can be polished and cleaned back to a decent looking to a beautiful looking smooth and glossy state. Our Lukat Fix It cleaning polish is not a wax and will not put a shine on any paint job, instead, it’s designed for deep cleaning. Lukat Fix It polishes and removes embedded contaminants old brittle oxidized paint, old chalky patina. But won’t remove the remaining color and gloss that is still intact. Remember when an automobile’s paint job no longer looks shiny it’s no longer reflecting light. It means that the surface portion of that paint job be it a base coat or a clear coat is tarnished with a dirty layer embedded on the surface. What’s needed here is not a wax, but an old paint job cleaning polish. That’s what Lukat Fix It Color and Gloss Is! Old paint restoration polish for deep polishing and cleaning. Lukat Fix It Cleaning Polish is the Cleaning Part! It will leave the paint job or clear coat squeaky clean. Because there is no wax in this product you’ll want to put a protective sealer of good old carnauba wax, this is the Lukat EZ Sealer Wax! Use this to enhance and seal and protect the remaining color and gloss on your paint job. Let it dry for at least ten to fifteen minutes before removing so that a good layer of wax seals and protects your finish. Got questions call us at 505-304-8652 want to see more videos on how to use this product go to our YouTube Channel it’s called ” Lukat Fix It ” Now, Go Save That Paint Job!

R-3 Lukat Fix It Color and Gloss Restorer Kit

This kit comes with two 16 oz (473.176 ml) bottles of Lukat Fix It cleaning polish and one 16 oz (473.176 ml) bottle of Lukat EZ sealer wax for protecting the finish. Use these products to bring back the remaining color and shine on your aging paint job.. These three bottles regularly sell for $113.10 but right now you can get them for $59.99 + free shipping. USA shipping only.


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